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Hiring Out Your Dress: Welcome

Hiring Out Your Dress

If like many other women, you have your wedding or formal dress tucked away in a wardrobe somewhere, why not make some money hiring it out? At Luxe Bridal Hire we do all the hard work for you! All you need to do is organise collection of your dress or post it to us. When your dress is selected by one of our ladies you start making money! We take care of all the dry cleaning and of course any damages.  You can hire your dress out once and we can return it to you or hire it out multiple times and keep making money. It is completely up to you.

Silk or Satin Bottom

At this time we cannot accept dresses with Silk or Satin on the bottom as they can be almost impossible to clean stains from if the dress has been dragging along the ground.

Selling your Dress

Selling your dress can be a long and frustrating process, filled with late night messages and scams. We make the process simple for you. All you need to do is drop of your dress and leave the rest to us. We will put it on our website and social media and handle all enquiries and fittings until sale. We keep 25% of the sale to cover costs and time.  You set the price but please look online at what others are selling for to make sure you are not asking too much. 

Dry Cleaning

All dresses must be dry cleaned before we will advertise them for hire or Sale. If you haven't had it dry cleaned yet please let us know in the Extra Notes section. We can have it cleaned with our dry cleaner for a very competitive price, you will just need to pay within 1 week of us taking the dress. 

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